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Support ongoing NewFit Projects. NewFit utilizes ALL donations in an effort to provide 100% transparency and distribution of funds. Our profit is to see improvement in the lives of others.

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If our hopes of building a better and safer world are to become more than wishful thinking, we will need the engagement of volunteers more than ever.

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NewFit, is a public 501 C 3 Charitable Organization, Membership is open to the Public. Join by volunteering or contributing a monetary Donation.

10 November, 2018



Bridge the technological divide that exists in impoverished communities. Provide education, technology, and Agricultural sciences to Empower individuals and communities with knowledge and resources to improve their lives and aid in the growth and development of others.


Focuses on sustainability, community gardening/landscaping, urban/rural farming techniques, Agricultural based workshops and Training. Food for Thought!

Covers financial assistance, clothing and food assistance for those in need. Community cooperatives to improve areas in need, as well as individual skill development. General Outreach also encompasses efforts to support International/Global initiatives.


Technology Resource Center, Education, Certification, Training, Virtual Classes, Workshops. IT certifications, Job training, Resource center for job seekers, skilled resources for employers.


Programs, events, activities geared toward Youth education, inspiration, and overall development.

Focusing on providing support to schools in need. These programs are ongoing throughout the year and include but are not limited to: Backpack/School supply donations, Laptop and Computer donations, on campus workshops and mentoring for students in need, partnering with local school systems to support school initiatives, and providing scholarship assistance to students going on to college or trade school.